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The Riff Bundle



The Riff Bundle is a collection of 10 different Rock Riffs. The goal is to play the learned rhythms, transitions and breaks quickly with music. The Riffs are designed for beginners and slightly advanced drum players.

Each Riff contains a PDF with the full drum scores and exercises. The exercises contain all important requirements to be able to play the Riff.

In addition The Riff Bundle also includes a Basic Beats PDF. This PDF offers you a variety of basic rock beats, double and four bar combinations breaks and learning tips.

All in all the bundle includes 11 PDFs and 44 mp3s.

Improve your drum skills for only 14.90€


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The Perfect Beginner Bundle



The Perfect Beginner Bundle contains 16 songs and a short Beginner Beats PDF.

Song 1 to 9 are easy snare drum studies specially designed to introduce beginners to reading music. Song 10 to 16 are easy songs for the complete drum set.

The Beginner Beats PDF contains notation plus notes and rests, beginner beats and breaks and two warm ups.

Each song contains two mp3s.

For example:

Song1 Full 82bpm (this is the full track with the bpm number)

Song1 PLB 82bpm (it is the song without drums but with a click track)

All in all the bundle includes 17 PDFs and 35 mp3s.

Improve your drum skills for only 14.90€


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